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We as parents of children (young and old) are responsible for teaching our children that racism has no place in this world. But how do we accomplish that, when it is systemic within our culture? Re. Melanie shared this link with me from the United Methodist website. I think it has some excellent resources that you will find helpful when talking to your children about racism. See the link below.




Here are some videos from Miss Barb just for you!  New videos are added each week to follow the themes of the lessons studied during virtual Sunday School.


March 14 (Videos to watch prior to Sunday School)

Preschool:  https://cloud-cdn.thinkorange.com/individual_file_previews/Orange_Store/Curriculum_Subscriptions/First_Look/Starter_Media_Package/curriculum/202103/Week_2/2103_Preschool_OnlineExperience_W2/2103_Preschool_OnlineExperience_W2/2103_Preschool_OnlineExperience_W2.mp4


Elementary:  https://cloud-cdn.thinkorange.com/individual_file_previews/Orange_Store/Curriculum_Subscriptions/252_Kids/Premium_Media_Package/202103/12_Kids_OnlineExperience/Week_2/2103_Kids_OnlineExperience_W2/2103_Kids_OnlineExperience_W2.mp4


Preteen:  https://cloud-cdn.thinkorange.com/individual_file_previews/Orange_Store/Curriculum_Subscriptions/252_Kids/Premium_Media_Package/202103/13_Preteen_OnlineExperience/Week_2/2103_Preteen_OnlineExperience_W2/2103_Preteen_OnlineExperience_W2.mp4


Virtual Sunday School & 3rd Grade Bible Class

Join Miss Barb for virtual Sunday School!

Preschoolers will have the time slot from 9:30–10 a.m. and kindergarten-5th grade are welcome to hop on after younger siblings from 10–10:30 a.m. See instructions below.


Join Zoom Meeting (Sunday School and 3rd Grade Bible Class)



Meeting ID: 840 4413 4167

Passcode: 874224

Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kcEUoY09IC

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