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Green Team

A ministry team that recognizes how we have stewardship responsibilities to God’s creation and strives to “green” our facility and behavior. Their efforts include participating in Fort Collins’s ClimateWise program, increasing our efforts to recycle and compost, and providing our congregation with information on sustainability and environmental impacts.  For more information, please contact Rich Fischer. 


Hospitality Team

A ministry dedicated to welcoming people to our church through acts of generosity, kindness, and warmth. Whether it is staffing our Welcoming Center, ushering during worship, or greeting people at our doors on Sunday, this team is very active! If you love meeting people and helping provide for a wonderful faith experience, this team is for you! For more information, please contact .  

Lay Servants

A Lay Servant is an active, supportive member of a United Methodist congregation who is eager to serve through the church and its ministries. They are deeply committed Christians who lead others through their knowledge of scripture and the doctrine, heritage, and organization of the United Methodist Church. They receive training to help focus their efforts and become recognized leaders who participate in activities ranging from aiding or leading in worship to serving in various church groups.


There are two types of Lay Servants:


Local Church Lay Servants

Local Church Lay Servants serve in and through their local churches. They must be recommended by their Pastor, and complete the Basic Lay Servant Ministries Course. Each year, they must reapply, reporting on how they have served and on any additional courses they have taken during the year.


Certified Lay Servants

Certified Lay Servants serve in both their own churches and other churches, and through district or conference projects and programs. They can expand their outreach and enrich their ministry through various Advanced Lay Servant Courses. To be recognized as a Certified Lay Servant, they must be recommended by their pastor, have completed the Basic Course, and one Advanced Course. They must reapply annually, reporting on how they have served, and must complete at least one Advanced Course every three years.


For more information, please contact John Allum.


Congregational Care

Our missions and ministries are dedicated to deepening the faith of our church members. Check out the many groups that are available to help you connect your faith to life.


Music Ministry

This is a way for many people to use their gifts to worship God or provide music offerings for people to worship. Whether you are an accomplished professional or merely love to sing along with the hymns, this ministry welcomes you with open arms! Click here to visit our music ministry page.

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