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Thy Will Be Done
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On the night hpraying handse was arrested, Jesus inwardly grappled with the enormity of what confronted him. Although he had been born for this very outcome, it became painfully clear that he could avoid being shamed, tortured, falsely accused, and abandoned. All he had to do was choose to leave - walk away from his ministry and disciples and the authorities would leave him alone.

He confronted God that night, arguing about the need for this particular path. It becomes clear that he and the transcendent God who sets the way before him are diametrically opposed.


It is for that very reason that Jesus’ final words to God about his fate are compelling: “let not my will, but your will be done.”

Many of us, myself included, think that God will change our feelings about what must be done in order to live a life of faithfulness. That we’ll recognize God’s will when we feel good about a choice or - if we like to fool ourselves in thinking our own desires are God’s desires – when we “have a sense of peace” about what God wants.


While some choices are, indeed, in a “gray” area of possible outcomes, I think most are not. The bible, our own experience, and centuries of writings from Christian giants like Thomas More, Theresa of Avila, and John Wesley give us a pretty clear answer as to what is expected of us.

So the question for us today is the same question Christians have always faced: my will or Thine?

Where are you facing that question today?


Pastor Vivian

Executive Pastor

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