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Important Message from Rev. Melanie
Message from Melanie

After 40 years serving under appointment as an ordained Minister in the United Methodist Church, it is time for me to retire. I will be 65 in October, and First Church needs a new Lead Pastor to guide this church into a promising future. It has been the privilege of my professional life to serve this church, and to finish my career in the place where I was ordained. I can say with absolute confidence that we have made the most of our time together, fulfilling our Mission and Vision as a congregation. I could not be prouder of all we have accomplished, especially during very challenging circumstances.


I have spoken with Bishop Karen Oliveto and Superintendent Tezenlo Thong, and strongly emphasized what I believe is most needed in Pastoral leadership for this promising church. They have assured me that they will prayerfully work to find the best possible Pastor to serve here, alongside the outstanding Staff already in place. I hope you appreciate what bright, dedicated and hardworking Staff you have. They are tremendous! And our Lay Leaders are the smartest and most dedicated I have worked with in 40 years, without exception.


As is required in our system, I will stay away for at least one year so that your new Lead Pastor can build trust and relationships. I will no longer be available for weddings, funerals, or any pastoral functions. Promise me that you will welcome your new Lead Pastor (and family) with love, generosity and acceptance. It is not easy coming into a church like ours and she/he needs all the love and grace you can offer.


Also, promise me that you will not take this church for granted. Support it faithfully and generously. Progressive, intelligent, fully inclusive churches are all too rare (sadly enough) and their survival is not guaranteed. Future generations need to know of a God whose love is all encompassing and transforming, a God more sacred mystery than pious certainty. They will only know if churches like ours do not flounder, but flourish and prosper.   Faithfully attend worship, volunteer, give generously, get involved! Your participation matters not only to our church, but to progressive, inclusive, intelligent Christianity.


We are all as grass of the field, which withers and fades. Yet the field we have been tending together has produced green pastures, and abundant life. I am beyond grateful God led me to this field, and to you, five years ago.



Dr. Melanie Rosa, Lead Pastor

From our SPR Committee ...


As we prepare for Reverend Melanie’s July 1 retirement, a thorough and collaborative search by the Bishop and Cabinet is under way to ensure First Church maintains its standards of leadership excellence.


Our Staff Parish Relations committee met with our District Superintendent; Melanie has been in touch with the Bishop. Both assured us that they know what a great church this is and how important it is that we have a very competent, visionary leader.  The Bishop and the Cabinet know that this is a very desirable position, and they are working very hard to find us a successful match.


Our committee will keep you updated as the process unfolds.  You are welcome to share your thoughts or questions with any SPRC committee member along the way.  Join us in prayer in asking God to provide discernment to our Bishop and Cabinet in choosing our new leader.

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