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Thoughts on Reality
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Thoughts on Reality


As many of you no doubt know by now, I will soon be reappointed to another church and leave here at the end of June. As I prepare to let go, I pondered as to the subjects of my blogs during Lent. My sermons, articles for The Carillon, and blogs have generally addressed subjects or issues I thought were beneficial in some practical way. I could continue in that vein in my last few months with you.


But it occurred to me that now would be a good time to do something that I think is sorely missing from many churches today: think theologically about the numinous aspects of our lives and reality. I could explore questions like: Why does anything exist? Who or what is God? Why do I exist? Of what am I made? What is the purpose of human existence? What is death, and what is its purpose?


I know these are heavy topics, and I imagine most people won’t read blogs on those topics. But I think I’ll explore them anyway simply because I think they are questions worth wrestling with. And Lent is the time Christians set aside to wrestle with life’s deep and most challenging issues.

I’d love to have company on this journey, but if you have a different journey you need to take, that’s fine. However, I encourage you to take a similar journey of your own during Lent. I’m sure God will be delighted to be your companion. He’ll probably even point out the most interesting sights along the way.


Pastor Vivian, Executive Pastor

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