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A Valentine’s Day Note
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As a member of the American Guild of Organists, I receive a monthly magazine that is full of articles about organists.  Some of the articles are about specific composers and even very specific pieces of music, some of the articles are newsy about recitals and other various organ related events, and many of the articles are about church music and how organists work with and relate with the congregations they serve.   I just read and re-read an encouragement to send the congregation a Valentine’s Day thank you note, and decided this was the perfect time to do exactly that!
My first thank you would be to the members of the Staff Parish Relations Committee in 2003 who hired me for the open position that fall.  We had only lived in Fort Collins 3 months at the time, and my thought was that I really hoped I would get to stay with this position for many years.  Some organists stay with the same church for 30 years or more, and I may not realistically have that time frame in my life now.  For today, I am extremely gratelful for the 13 years I have been with you, and I feel that way every single time I get to have my personal practice on the Marcussen.  I GET to practice the Marcussen!  I GET to play for worship services!
My second thank you is to all the musicians of this congregation who have been part of the blessing of this job.  Many of you are singers in the Sanctuary Choir who have become friends, and now many of you are also ringers in the handbell choir who are very faithful, talented, and fun!  Others are people of all ages who have been willing to share their music in worship through solos and ensembles.  The time that musicians spend together in rehearsals is always time to form special bonds.
A third thank you goes to everyone in the congregation who supports and appreciates the music ministry here.  Contributions to this church help pay for the music staff,  upkeep on the wonderful instruments, new music and other supplies, and my personal favorite--funding for college students to participate in the music program!  Thank you for coming to recitals to support the Marcussen organ maintenance fund.  Thank you for your kind words, smiles, and hugs.  I humbly and sincerely thank God for the gift of music.
Karen Stoody, Associate Director of Music, Organist/Handbells

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