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Our Deepest Values Can Be Discovered
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In a recent sermon in our "Hope for Frantic Families," I quoted a set of questions the Society of Friends (commonly called "Quakers") use to uncover God's truth in our hearts regarding home and family life. These questions, or ones like them, have been used by the Society for hundreds of years. I have used them in my own life, and for me they are powerful.
I think God's truth lies in every person's heart. A sincere and diligent inner search for God's truth will uncover its existence and reveal its power to bless us in a way that teaching rules for behavior cannot. I have found the Quaker Queries (another word for "questions") to be simple enough to be useful and powerful enough to reveal new meanings on a regular basis as I grow as a person. In this, they are like the Bible, whose truths and wisdom they reflect and reinforce.
I hope you find them useful. I have included a link to the complete set below the set addressing Home and Family.

The Sixth Query: Home and Family

Do you make your home a place of affection where God's presence is felt? Do you practice family prayer? Do you share your deepest beliefs and interests with all in the family? Do you grow together through sharing prosperity and adversity? Can you keep a sense of humor and avoid taking yourself too seriously? Do you establish family standards including the mutual obligations of children and adults?

Are you as children learning to be accountable for your actions? Do you as parents help your children to grow in independence and responsibility? Do you consider the needs of grandparents and older members of the family circle?

Here's the link to all the queries
Pastor Vivian, Executive Pastor

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