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Attend to the Most Important Matters in Life - Mary vs. Martha
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Frequently, I end up like Martha.  There is so much to do and attend to that I neglect the most important matters in life.  Although Jesus was at Martha's home, she did not stop what she was doing to be with Jesus.  Unlike Martha, Mary stopped everything and sat at Jesus' feet to be completely and without distraction with Jesus.  Mary was fully present to Jesus in stillness and attentiveness so she was able to enjoy his company.  Sometimes we exert a willful effort to please God.  However, everything that we do flows out of devotion to God and love of God.  Just being with God is what matters most.  By gazing in stillness and attuned to God's presence, we draw strength, motivation, joy, and wisdom for ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and the ministry that God calls us to.  However, frequently, ministry, our families, ourselves, and others pre-occupy our minds and hearts, leaving little to no room for Jesus to occupy them.  When I allow all these things to overshadow my relationship with Jesus, I begin to feel overwhelmed and anxious.  God through Jesus should pre-occupy my mind and heart so that the Spirit can flow from God to me to empower me for all the things that frequently pre-occupy my mind and heart.  How is it with you?


Pastor Cynthia Paquette, Administrative Pastor

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